Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cloud fighter v0.1

One benefit of procedural content generation is to get a lot of content from a little bit of code. Traditionally this was done with clever algorithms, but another way is to utilise online cloud services to generate content for you.

A huge proportion of the effort required to make a game similar to 1942 is art and design of levels. By abusing free online services and the hard work of thousands, I can make a very quick version in minutes using Javascript. Click the image to play & use the arrow keys to turn and space to drop bombs.

Note: the game is currently really crap with no death or ending. I've been really slack on finishing this off, but will get around to it one day.


  1. That's great! Instead of generically 'defending the Earth' from invaders, you can defend your own neighborhood. So much you can do with about a tower defense game that uses road directions for pathing. Enter your home address for the base, "Search Nearby" for McDonalds/Starbucks for the enemy generators, and let Google find the attack paths they'll follow.

  2. I think there's a lot of potential here too for all kinds of games, but I've got other projects to do before I can return to this. But feel free to fork the code on GitHub and make your own game: